Literacy in Life

Literacy in Life

Literacy in Life is a Public Libraries of New Zealand campaign that embodies the fundamental values of our libraries.

The traditional definition of a library is “a building or room containing collections of books”; we are not just a place for books. Public libraries offer world views, hands-on learning, personalised, understanding, and safe spaces.

Today’s libraries are where people feed their imaginations, rebuild their lives, find direction, upskill themselves, and put growth, understanding and tolerance into practice. 

Literacy is defined as “the ability to read and write” or “competence or knowledge in a specified area”.

In a world overloaded with information, spotting fake from fact is vitally important for decision making. Having access to trusted and reliable information is mission-critical. Literate communities are more cohesive, stable and high-functioning, more resilient, tolerant, and better able to develop and participate in enterprise and growth opportunities in all things life.

Join us over the next few weeks as we explore four fundamental pillars of Literacy in Life: Cultural, Digital, Financial, and Wellbeing literacy.

We will be updating this page each week with the resources our libraries can provide in supporting you in exploring Literacy in Life.

This week we are exploring Wellbeing Literacy.

Wellbeing Literacy

We are passionate about helping our community gain wellbeing literacy.

We do this by running regular events designed to provide a break from day-to-day life by providing a safe space for individuals to prioritise their wellbeing. Our events also provide people with tools to look after their mental wellbeing.

We run monthly meditation sessions for adults and children at the library.

November saw the launch of Meaningful Conversations – a series of events focused on Mental Health. The events are focused on connecting with people and making time to talk with friends, colleagues & family about mental health. Visit our blog for all the information on the inaugural Wānaka event.

Keep an eye out on our What’s On page for future events; there are many more in the pipeline for 2022.

Attending events and programmes is not for everyone and we have a number of online and in-library resources for those looking for mental wellbeing resources:

  • Books on prescription is a programme aiming to increase access to high quality health information. There are 3 strands of the programme: ‘Read yourself well’, ‘Listen yourself well’, ‘T’app yourself well’. Visit our Books on Prescription page for more information and access to these resources. 
  • Our wonderful meditation teacher who runs the meditation sessions at the library has prepared a number of audio recordings saved here

And lastly, we have a range of books, eBooks, and audiobooks across the collection to support you with your mental and physical wellbeing, check our catalogue to find your next book.

Cultural Literacy

Cultural literacy encompasses many things, including languages, creative pursuits, and exploring what shapes the world we live in. Libraries foster cultural literacy by providing a space to explore other cultures and experiences that are new to them.

Our libraries offer regular programs that allow our patrons to hear and learn Te Reo Māori; come and join us at one of these events (more to come in the new year):

We also offer numerous online resources, free with your library membership, to explore: