Community Seed Libraries

Did you know that Wānaka and Queenstown Libraries host seed libraries? Vegetable, herb & flower seeds are available for you to borrow, grow and return. 

Whether you are just getting started on your edible gardening journey or already have a well-established vegetable patch, we have seeds for you! Pop in and check out what's in stock and borrow seeds to grow at home. All we ask in return is for you to bring seeds back at the end of the season so our libraries can continue to grow. 

Tips for donating seeds: 

  • Seeds must be healthy – the best plants make the best seed.
  • Seeds must be clean – separated from the rest of the plant, free from insects.
  • Seeds must be dry – this puts the seed into hibernation.
  • Seeds must be labelled – with as much information as you can.
  • Seeds saved from open pollinated plants or heirloom varieties, as these seeds will be more "true to type". 

We also have a wonderful collection of gardening books for those wanting to browse beautiful garden designs or learn the basics. 

If you need some spring gardening tips or advice, check out our zoom gardening chat with Dr. Compost there is some excellent information in this zoom session

If you have any questions on how to contribute or how our seed libraries work, please get in touch:

Wānaka Library - (03) 443 0410 or

Queenstown Library - (03) 441 0600 or