QLDC Library Strategy 2020-2030

The purpose of the Library Strategy is to provide direction for how library services need to be delivered in the future. In particular it aims to clarify:

  • The range of services needed to deliver both traditional library service and implement future trends, to both residents and visitors. This includes enabling equity in literacy and learning opportunities.
  • The spatial requirements to provide appropriate, flexible spaces that can be used for a wider range of services and that provide a third space for residents and visitors– a space that is navigable, reassuring and feels like home.
  • The libraries’ response to how best to create a home for the stories of the district.

The strategy has a ten-year time frame to 2030 with aspects such as the physical infrastructure being considered over a longer timeframe.

Click below to download and view a copy of the Queenstown Lakes District Council Library Strategy 2020-2030.