Digital Spotlight - PressReader

Digital Spotlight

In case you didn’t know, we have a bunch of great eResources here at the libraries and every now and then we’re going to showcase one. This time we’re bringing our online magazine and newspaper repository into the limelight.

What is it called? PressReader

What can I do with it? PressReader provides unlimited online access to newspapers and magazines from around the world. Access 7,000+ newspapers and magazines in more than 60 languages, including New Zealand publications.

What types of publications are there? There’s something to suit everyone! Here are just a few of the magazines available:

  • Forbes
  • The Insider
  • PC World
  • Frankie
  • Rolling Stone Magazine
  • Vanity Fair
  • Vogue
  • Marie Claire
  • Dish
  • Gourmet Traveller
  • GQ
  • Men’s Health
  • Esquire
  • National Geographic
  • The New Yorker

How do I use it? PressReader is accessible via an app (Apple and Android) as well as on your web browser.

How does it work? Once you’ve signed in using your library card and pin number, browse or search for a publication, click on it to open it, then select the issue you want.

Publications can be viewed either in ‘Page Format’, which resembles a magazine or in ‘Text Format’, which is laid out in a regular web browser view.

Top tips:

  • Some publications are only available if you are on the library WiFi so you’ll need to pop in to view them. Check this page for the list of affected publications.
  • You’re also able to listen to the publication using a screen reader that’s built into the system.

If you need help using PressReader (or any other library systems), please visit our Library Online FAQ, check out our FAQ page, or chat to a librarian.