Digital Spotlight - Bridget Williams Books

Bridget Williams Books (BWB) is an award-winning New Zealand publisher featuring small books on big issues, and we have the entire collection available online.

For over three decades, books published by Bridget Williams have contributed to critical scholarship in New Zealand; they have told our stories, and deepened our understanding of what it is to inhabit these islands. Today and into the future, they continue this proud tradition – doing what BWB has always done best: far-sighted and influential publishing, whatever the format.

Books from the past are joining present and future titles in a hybrid world of print and digital publishing. Taking this wonderful body of knowledge into a digital future opens new pathways to the people, places and histories that continue to shape modern New Zealand.

What types of publications are there? 

There are six wonderful Bridget Williams Books collections available; these are:

How can I read a Bridget Williams publication?

  • The collections can be accessed via any modern web browser, on any device with a web browser.
  • Just head to our Bridget Williams Books page here.
  • Choose from one of the seven collections.
  • Login using your library card and pin/password.
  • Select a title and then click on Read Now, then select where you'd like to begin reading from the Contents page and it'll pop up in an easy-to-read format.

If you need help, please visit our FAQ page, book yourself in for a Digital Help Drop-In session, or chat to a librarian.