Digital Spotlight - MANGO & LOTE Online

Digital Spotlight

If you’ve been thinking of learning a new language, or you have children who are lucky enough to be bilingual, or are learning a language at school, we can help. We’ve got two great language learning resources - free with your library card!

Mango Languages is an award-winning language-learning program that is self-paced and intuitive. Learn a language with a variety of adaptable exercises; to help you pick up on new vocabulary, intuitively understand grammatical structures, and learn pronunciation. There are 70 world languages available.  

LOTE Online for Kids is online Storytime in a variety of languages. They have more than 1,550 picture books in over 50 languages, read by native speakers in a read along format, with an English version also available. Open a book on a phone or tablet, watch with your little ones, or ask them to read along with the book! LOTE Online add more books and languages to the collection every month.

What do I need to use them? LOTE Online for Kids is web based while Mango is available via the web, as well as from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

All you need handy is your library card number and pin/password.

If you need some help with Mango Languages or LOTE Online (or any other library systems), check out our FAQ page, or chat to a librarian.