Can't find the item you need in our libraries collections? We offer an inter-library loan (interloan) service that allows you to access items held by other libraries in New Zealand or overseas.

Any current member of our libraries can request an interloan.
Books, articles, theses, music scores, DVDs, CDs, and more can be requested.

You can request an interloan in person at your local branch, by phone or via email.

The time to fulfill a request depends on the availability of the item at other libraries, as well as the courier service. Most requests arrive within one to two weeks. Please remember we cannot guarantee delivery and any library has the right to refuse to lend an item.

Interloans cost a minimum of $7, payable in advance. Additional costs may be incurred depending on where the item is sourced from. If this is the case, we will contact you to make sure you want to proceed.

Interloans have an issue period of 3 weeks only and cannot be renewed.

When your item arrives, the item is issued to you and we will contact you by phone or email asking you to collect it.

You can see what other New Zealand libraries hold in their collections, using the New Zealand Libraries' combined catalogue.