What's New? The Latest Adult Non-Fiction

Did you know that Elon Musk learnt all he knows about space travel from non-fiction books? Whilst we can't promise that reading more non-fiction will make you a billionaire, these books can be just as satisfying as a comfy novel, get stuck in!

Adult Non-Fiction

Niki Lauda by Maurice Hamilton

Niki Lauda: The Biography by Maurice Hamilton

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The most comprehensive and detailed biography of Formula One legend Nick Lauda ever published, as told by Maurice Hamilton, who knew him for more than forty years. From the famous rivalry with James Hunt in the 1970s, as depicted in the film Rush, to working with Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, Lauda's career helped define modern F1. In 1975, Lauda became world champion for the first time. Driving for Ferrari, he looked to retain his title in 1976 and was dominating the campaign ahead of James Hunt in his McLaren. Then, on 1 August, he was involved in a horrendous crash at the Nurburgring and was badly burned and in hospital he was given the last rites, so severe were his injuries. Remarkably, six weeks later, he was back racing again, determined to show he could still compete. As they came to the final race of the season in Japan, Lauda held a narrow lead in the championship, but in appalling weather conditions, Lauda withdrew from the race, while Hunt went on to secure the points he needed to become world champion. It was high-speed drama at its best. Lauda came back to win the title again in 1977 and then, having temporarily retired, he won it for a third time in 1984, driving for McLaren. When he finally finished as an F1 driver, he started his own airline, before he returned to the sport in various management roles, latterly as chairman of Mercedes, where he helped in the negotiations to bring Lewis Hamilton to the team.

Shelved: 796.72 LAU


Fairytale Blankets by Lynne Rowe

Fairytale Blankets to Crochet : 10 Fantasy-themed Children’s Blankets for Storytime Cuddles by Lynne Rowe

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Bedtime bookworms will love snuggling up and listening to their favourite story in a cosy hooded blanket. Bring storytime to life as they act out the characters - will they be a goodie or a baddie, Little Red Riding Hood or the wolf? Lynne Rowe's latest new book has ten fun, fairytale projects to crochet, including a deer, a dragon, a lion and a unicorn. Each blanket can be made in two sizes: for toddlers (age two to four) and for young children (age five to seven).

Shelved: 746.434 ROW


The XX Brain by Dr Lisa Mosconi

The XX Brain : The Groundbreaking Approach for Women to Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease and Improve Brain Health by Lisa Mosconi

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Women are twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, and women are far more likely than men to suffer from anxiety, depression, migraines, brain injuries and strokes. The XX Brain reveals groundbreaking research showing that women's brains age distinctly from men's, due mostly to the decline of a key brain-protective hormone: estrogen. Until now, medical research has focused on 'bikini medicine', assuming that women are essentially men with breasts and tubes. The XX Brain reveals how the two powerful X chromosomes that distinguish women from men impact women's brains first and foremost. Taking on all aspects of women's health, including brain fog, memory lapses, depression, stress, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, and the increased risk of dementia, Dr. Mosconi introduces cutting-edge, evidence-based approaches to protect the female brain, including diet and lifestyle strategies proven to work for women. She also examines the controversies about soy and hormonal replacement therapy, the perils of environmental toxins, and gut health. Luckily, it is never too late to take care of yourself.

Shelved: 616.831 MOS


The Garden of The Vegan by Cleve West

The Garden of Vegan: How Plants can save the Animals, the Planet and our Health by Cleve West

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There was a time when garden designer Cleve West thought making a garden was a frivolous pursuit for the privileged. Two things changed his mind: designing a garden for a hospital and adopting a vegan lifestyle. Cleve's transition to veganism was a profound and varied learning experience. He learned more about nutrition than when he studied it as part of a sports science degree. He learned a great deal about propaganda in the food industry and how, contrary to what he'd been led to believe, the cows and chickens in the dairy industry are far from 'happy'. He learned that animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change and a whole range of environmental catastrophes. He found that many illnesses have their origins in the consumption of animal products. He learned that a plant-based diet can alleviate some of these illnesses and sometimes even reverse them. He learned that a drive towards a plant-based diet could offset many of the environmental aspects of animal agriculture and make a positive transition to a more sustainable future.

Shelved: 613.2622 WES


Escape by Bike by Joshua Cunningham

Escape by Bike: Adventure Cycling, Bikepacking and Touring Off-Road by Joshua Cunningham

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A practical and inspirational guide to planning every kind of off-road cycling, from nearby microadventures to global itineraries, drawing on the author's own epic journeys.

Shelved: 910.4 CUN


Home Extended

Home Extended edited by Claudia Martínez

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When much of our existing housing stock was built, lifestyles were very different. This has mean that a large proportion of architectural work has been adapting these older buildings, rather than building afresh. We don’t live like Victorians any more, but in reality, we don’t live like we did even twenty-five years ago. The challenge is to adapt our old buildings to our new ways of living, while not destroying what we like about the older houses. A selection of modern extensions for older homes by 27 architects.

Shelved: 728.37 MAR


The No-Waste Vegetable Cookbook by Linda Ly

The No-Waste Vegetable Cookbook : Recipes and Techniques for Whole Plant Cooking by Linda Ly

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Isn't it about time to start nose-to-tail cooking with vegetables? Learn how to make the most of the edibles in your garden or the farmers market bounty! This book will help you cook your way through greens, beans, roots, and herbs with 105 seasonal recipes that utilize every edible part of the plant. Author Linda Ly shares a wide variety of recipes and techniques from her popular CSA Cookbook, from creative pickling (think watermelon rind) to perfect pestos.

Shelved: 641.65 LY


New Zealand Mysteries by Scott Bainbridge

New Zealand Mysteries by Scott Bainbridge

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New Zealand's history is peppered with mysterious tales of otherworldly beings, strange sightings, inexplicable disappearances and unusual crimes. While some of these stories have been handed down through generations, many of them hail from more recent times. The one thing they all have in common is that they have all endured despite repeated attempts to solve or explain them. In this book, Scott Bainbridge turns his investigative skills towards some of the best-known of these mysteries, like the ghosts of Wellington's St James Theatre, the sightings of large cats throughout Canterbury and the appearance of otherworldly lights over Kaikoura. He also looks into some less known but equally intriguing puzzles, including the disappearance of a British naval officer during the Cold War, the origins of unusual crop circles near Ngatea and the vanishing of everyone on board the MV Joyita.

Shelved: 001.94 BAI