Whats New for Kids in June

Hi!  Kiki the Kea here. I have had a great idea... 

From now on, I am going to put together this handy blog for you so that you know about all of the new books we have at our Libraries.
That’s not all, the other librarians and myself have put them in this handy booklet you can print or find in the library. If you want us to put your choice on hold for you, just tick the box!
Don’t worry if I’m not there, I am often exploring hunting for gold and my good friend Kiwi, the librarian at the desk will be happy to help you.

Click the images to take you to the catalogue to find out where each book is or to place a hold for your choice.

Happy reading to you! 

This book is bursting with colour, beautiful illustrations and poems.
In fact, it has a poem for every day of the year.
Personally I love this book because it talks about a lot of my animal friends and all of the seasons I experience living outdoors.

As a bird, I don’t spend much time in the ocean and I have never been to the depths Ocean Emporium explores!  
In this book, you can travel under the waves to discover an extraordinary variety of creatures. You can tell me all about it once you have read it.

I am super smart, almost smart enough to be a scientist but this book taught me things that I never knew. I was shocked, I thought I knew everything! From metal to compounds to metamorphosis, here you can learn about it all.  

Art is the best. I use art as a way to express myself and I got some great tips from the famous artists in this book. It has lots fascinating information about the artists, their techniques, inspiration and their lives.

A new book from the much loved Geronimo Stilton and I couldn’t be happier. I adore reading about his adventures, he is almost as brave as I am. I think we would make great friends. Can any of you arrange a meeting?


I liked this book a lot, it’s a beautiful exploration of feelings and emotions shown through colour. Just like me, the boy goes through emotions like happiness and excitement, hope and love.

In this book I joined Rachel and Kirsty for the biggest adventure of all - following our dreams!
Rachel and Kirsty are so excited to meet the Discovery Fairies, who look after some of the most exciting jobs in the world.


In my opinion David Walliams is one of the best children’s authors and I bet you will agree with me.
When I saw this new book I had to read it and it was as exiting as I imagined. A story filled with Mammoths, adventures to the North Pole and heroes. I am packing my ruck sack for the North Pole as you read!


This one is for the teens! Kestra Dallisor has been summoned back to Antora by her father, but all sorts of things happen in the meantime. Kidnappings, lord and kings, grudges, missions and interceptions. It’s all very exciting!

I respond well to images and I loved how this graphic Novel illustrates not only Anne Frank's hardships but also her triumph and journey. It was a sqwarksome way to learn about Anne Frank and her story.