Top Staff Picks - September 2022

Top Staff Picks - September 2022

This month we have a fantastic selection of titles, from across our collection, curated by a librarian who's reading spans across all genres

Adult Fiction - Fantasy

The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman 

Welcome to the Library: an invisible entity, its collection curated by trans-dimensional Librarian spies. We follow the protagonist Irene as she travels to alternate worlds to procure unique & priceless versions of books... by whatever means necessary, upholding the Library’s mission to stop worlds from descending into chaos.  

Adult Non Fiction - Cooking

Greenfeast: autumn, winter by Nigel Slater 

A vibrant, beautiful collection of delicious (and simple) vegetarian recipes. Perfect for people who want to eat less meat but still enjoy filling plant-based meals that also pay homage to seasonal produce.  

Adult Non Fiction - Personal Finances

Your Money, Your Future: the Realest Guide to Finding Financial Freedom by Frances Cook  .

From top NZ finance podcaster and journalist Frances Cook comes a Kiwi guide to changing your money so that you can live YOUR ideal life. Filled with expert advice and step-by-step information on numerous key financial techniques.  

Non Fiction - Poetry

Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2022

An essential, annual collection of some of the country’s best poems for the year. Also featuring essays and reviews of new poetry books.

Adult Graphic Novel - Fantasy

Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman     

An occultist attempting to capture Death to bargain for eternal life traps her younger brother Dream instead. Often hailed as one of the finest achievements in graphic story-telling, Gaiman weaves an unforgettable tale, combining ancient mythology, folklore and fairytales.  

New Zealand Non Fiction - Māori mythology 

Kurangaituku by Whiti Hereaka  

Kurangaituku is a contemporary retelling of the story of Hatupatu, from the perspective of the traditional ‘monster’: Kurangaituku, the bird woman. This is a book with layers of stories and meaning woven into it, and even its physical binding adds more depth to the way the story will be read.  

New Zealand Non Fiction - Mental Health

Finding Calm: Managing fear and anxiety in an uncertain world by Dr Sarb Johal  

How do you deal with your anxieties and fears when there is so much uncertainty in our world? Full of easy-to-follow practical tools and tips, Finding Calm can help you get through any crisis or change of circumstance with your mental health intact.  

Adult Non Fiction - Architecture

Big Ideas for Small Houses by Cate Foster  

A wonderful look at a variety of small houses around New Zealand. With not only beautiful photographs and stories but also plans and costs, this book offers inspiration to all wondering how it can be possible to own a home in the 21st century.  

Adult Fiction - Cult

Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

Powered by two remarkable characters: Kafka Tamura, who runs away from home to escape a dark prophecy, and Nakata, who never recovered from a wartime affliction. Drawn together, their odyssey is as mesmerising and mysterious as it is riddle-esque  

Children's Fiction - Fantasy

The Edge Chronicles: Beyond the Deepwoods (Book 1 of the Twig Saga) by Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell  

A heart-stopping adventure that follows young Twig through a nightmare world of fearsome goblins, bloodthirsty beasts and flesh-eating trees, all while he tries to discover the truth about his past. Filled with fantastical illustrations from Chris Riddell.  

Toby Alone by Timothee de Fombelle  

Toby is just one-and-a-half millimetres tall. He is also the most wanted person in the great oak Tree. With his life turned upside down and family lost, Toby faces an epic battle for survival in an incredible miniature world.