Queenstown Lakes Teen Summer Reading Challenge 2022

Be the teen King or Queen of summer reading!

Win a prize fit for a royal and win a King(or Queen)PIN voucher in our inaugural Teen Summer Reading Challenge.

All you need to do is:

  • Read as much as you can from 1 December to 1 February (1 hour of reading is required to qualify), and
  • Log your reading time in Beanstack.

We'll select the top readers of the district to win one of two $250 Kingpin activity vouchers.

How do I participate?

We're going completely paperless for this challenge. Just sign up via our Beanstack page here and select the 'Teen King or Queen of Summer Reading' challenge.

How do I log my reading time in Beanstack?

If you're using the mobile app:

  1. Tap the + symbol in bottom center of the screen, select Reading, and select the accurate reader(s) if there are multiple readers on the account.
  2. Then, search, select, or scan the appropriate title, and select Log Reading, or select "Log Without a Title"
  3. On the logging screen, click Change next to "Logging reading for Today" to select a past date.
  4. Time you spent read reading, and tap Done.
  5. If you need to log lots of previous reading, feel free to log it all at once.

If you're logging via the desktop version of Beanstack, click here for detailed instructions.

Happy Reading!!


Challenge Terms and Conditions:


  • The challenge begins on 1 December 2022 and ends on 1 February 2023.
  • The challenge is open to Queenstown Lakes library members from Grade 9 up to 18 years of age.
  • The $250 activity voucher will be awarded to one person in the Upper Clutha and one person in the Whakatipu basin.
  • To be considered for the voucher, you must be one of the top readers in the Upper Clutha and in the Whakatipu basin and you must have logged at least one hour of reading.
  • If we have more than one top reader in the Upper Clutha and one in the Whakatipu basin with the same amount of reading time logged, they will be selected via a draw.
  • Reading means: reading hard-copy books, eBooks, and eAudiobooks.
  • Winners for each draw will be contacted directly.
  • We will announce results on social media.