Isolation Creations - Friday 17 April

A new selection of Isolation Creations for us to share with you all.  

Thanks to everyone who has submitted their creations and is taking part in our special community project. 

There are so many incredible creations in this selection that will remind us of this unique time in our history.  Whether it's remembering the lockdown Easter egg hunt, the full moon over our homes or the colourful changes that Autumn brings to our landscapes. 

We hope that you are inspired to share your artistic and creative endeavours with us and have them feature in our blog next week.

Send your creations to or tag us in your posts on Facebook @qtlakeslibraries or Instragram @qldclibraries to submit an entry.


Paula - Queenstown


Sarah - Queenstown


Chloe, Ollie & Jack - Queenstown


Archibald & Amy 


Renee - Wānaka


Kirsten - Queenstown


Lucas & Ellie - Queenstown

Darren - Queenstown