Introducing Kinderling Kids!

Designed for kids. Loved by parents.

We’re very excited to announce the addition of Kinderling to our children’s eResource collection!

Kinderling is a radio station designed by parents, for kids. Kinderling brings music, stories, programs, and sleep to kids through research driven programming tailored around the energies and moods of children aged 0-9 years old. Kinderling is audio-based, offering an alternative to screens, to spark the imaginations of children.

Kinderling Premium is now free of charge for all library members. Once you’re signed up and hop on the app, you can listen to live radio or recorded programs, and even create playlists. Content is arranged by age group or time of day, be it ‘get ready and go’ time or ‘settle to sleep’ time; there’s even some content for parents!

So, head on over to their website:, register with your library card; then download the app, sign in, and discover all fantastic resources Kinderling has to offer!

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