Home Educators Resource Centre

The QLDC libraries support education and literacy in whatever format you choose for your family.  Whether you send your child to a more traditional school based school, or you choose to home educate, the libraries want to provide you with resources to support your decisions.  

Home Educators Internet Resources

If you are looking for information on how to begin home schooling in NZ, background information and legal requirements:

New Zealand – National Level

The Ministry of Education’s website for parents who home school with links to forms, financial support, exam information and more resources:


NZ Curriculum and support

  • NZ Curriculum Support - https://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/ - Home educators are able to receive a free copy of the NZ Curriculum, even though it is not a requirement to follow or use it.  Check out the Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI website) for more information.
  • Literacy Learning Progressions - https://literacyprogressions.tki.org.nz/ - The literary aspect of the NZ curriculum.  It describes the specific literacy knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students draw on in order to meet the reading and writing demands of the curriculum.
  • Mathematical resources for the NZ Curriculum - https://nzmaths.co.nz/numeracy-project-teaching-resources
  • The Ministry of Education’s catalogue of teaching and learning resources for schools - http://www.thechair.co.nz
  • The New Zealand National Library services to schools webpage - https://natlib.govt.nz/schools
  • Te Kura - https://www.tekura.school.nz - Te Kura is a state-funded distance education provider that offers a wide range of personalised learning programmes and courses, from early childhood to NCEA Level 3, which are mostly delivered online.

QLDC Library Level

Click here to see available home schooling books on our library catalogue.   Please contact us if you'd like to request a book that is not on the catalogue.  Our team will either help with an interloan, or add the book to our collection when possible.  

QLDC Libraries’ online learning resources

Available on our Kid's Page:

  • Busy Things: A fun, quirky and creative online educational world for kids aged 3-11.  Over 900 games, activities and downloadable resources to make learning fun!
  • Tumble Books:  A selection of animated, talking picture books in English, French and Spanish for preschool through to Year 6.
  • LOTE Books:  Languages Other Than English Online for kids!  Kids can enjoy story time in their own language, alongside English translations to help develop reading and listening skills.  Choose from over 400 stories in 20 languages!

Available on our Teens Page

  • Any Questions:  A free online reference service for NZ school students manned by live librarians.  Teaches information literacy skills and research skills
  • Topic Explorer – through the National Library of New Zealand: The National Library offers a searchable database that helps you find quality, curated resources on a range of topics. 

Available on our Online Learning Page

  • Kaz – Learn to touch type with KAZ typing tutor.  Editions for adults and children, options for visually impaired and people with dyslexia. 
  • Mango – Learn another language with this award-winning online resource.  Choose from over 70 languages and learn at your own pace, at your own place.
  • Road to IELTS- Online study resource for IELTS, the International English Language Testing System.

Community Connect – QLDC Webpage – Groups

This page contains all of the groups available in our district.  Look here to get involved with local theatre, art, sports, parent support, community, play groups, disability support, well-being, volunteering and international family groups. 

Local Home school Facebook Groups in Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago

Queenstown Lakes Homeschoolers

Wanaka Homeschool

Central Otago homeschooling

Home Education in New Zealand

Helpful Links for NZ home education websites

  • National Council Home Educators New Zealand - www.nchenz.org.nz - “Information for parents who are currently or who are contemplating home educating in NZ to learn more about home education and the National Council of Home Educators New Zealand.”
  • The Firelight Foundation - https://thefirelightfoundation.co.nz/ - “The Firelight Foundation is a non-faith based organisation that provides home-school conferences and events to educate, inform and inspire.  Giving parents skills and inspiration as they teach, nurture and watch their families grow at home. Enabling them to kindle the flame of learning and ignite a passion to know more…”
  • Home Education Foundation - http://hef.org.nz/ - “Serving, promoting, defending and publishing for Christian and secular home educators in NZ and overseas.”