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Cooking in a bubble

What’s the cooking situation in your bubble?  Have you enticed the kids into the kitchen, Master Chef Kitchen wars with the flat-mates or are you cooking through a cookbook, Julie & Julia style?  Let us know, we’d love to hear about your kitchen victories and disasters during lockdown and photos are always welcome. 

You can send photos of your lockdown cooking and favourite cookbooks to

A positive in our home has been having the time to transition from the regular meals we often have on weekly rotation to trying some adventurous recipes that involve more than one pot and have multiple steps.

Nadia Lim’s latest book Vegful is a firm favourite for me at the moment, there are plenty of dishes to please a range of tastes and I have found the recipes can be easily adapted to what you have on hand. Particular highlights from Vegful that have been enthusiastically devoured in our home are Black Bean Brownies, Ratatouille Butternut & Lentil Lasagne and the Vegetable Dhal.  All huge hits with the teens & adults alike, really tasty flavoursome dishes.

Blackbean Brownies (they didn't last long)

Hard copies of Vegful are available for loan once the library doors re-open.  However, if you enjoy Nadia Lim’s recipes and haven’t checked out her magazine Nadia yet, you can access the latest edition online via PressReader.  Access is FREE when you sign up with your library membership. 

If you are in need of some fresh inspiration, don’t despair our eBook platforms have your back with plenty of cookbooks available to borrow. Checkout the below cooking related titles available on Borrow Box and Overdrive Libby to explore some new recipes.