Fabulous New Children's Fiction

We have lot's of new children's fiction offerings in our libraries this month, plenty for the avid reader or bedtime storyteller. Read on...

This book is not a bedtime story

This book is not a bedtime story by Eoin McLaughlin

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Renowned author Eoin McLaughlin and award-nominated illustrator Rob Starling join forces to create a hilarious, not-so-spooky tale. This book is NOT a bedtime story. It's scary, strange and rather gory. Bedtime stories make you sleepy. This book won't. It's much too CREEPY. Except it isn't... this book is told by a group of monsters who think they're very scary, but in fact they're not - they're cute and cuddly. They try their hardest to scare you - in a haunted house, creepy wood, ghostly ship and darkest dark, but each time they fail! The problem is, these monsters aren't at all spooky. They're a bit silly, actually. And a bit cuddly. In fact, they share the insecurities and worries of us humans and all they want is a cosy, snoozy good night's sleep. Despite the title of this book it really is a bedtime story. A brilliant tale that reassures children, makes them laugh and gets them ready for a peaceful night's sleep.


Maui and the secret of fire

Maui and the secret of fire by Donovan Bixley

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Donovan Bixley re-tells the story of how Maui captured the secret of fire. The traditional tale but with Donovan's unique twist and trademark humour. The pictures are bright and bring their own level of humour to the book. Darryn Joseph and Keri Opai ensure that the story is accurate and culturally appropriate and translate the story for the Te Reo edition.


Find the T.Rex

Find the T.Rex by Claire Stamper

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Step back in time and set off on a spotting adventure in this totally roarsome dinosaur activity book! Featuring Stegosaurus, T. rex, Diplodocus, and more, each detailed picture puzzle is filled with herds of amazing prehistoric creatures to find, count, and decorate.


The beast and the Bethany

The Beast and the Bethany by Jack Meggitt-Phillips

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Lemony Snicket meets Roald Dahl in this riotously funny, deliciously macabre, and highly illustrated tale of a hungry beast, a vain immortal man, and a not-so-charming little girl who doesn’t know she’s about to be eaten.
Beauty comes at a price. And no one knows that better than Ebenezer Tweezer, who has stayed beautiful for 511 years. How, you may wonder? Ebenezer simply has to feed the beast in the attic of his mansion. In return for meals of performing monkeys, statues of Winston Churchill, and the occasional cactus, Ebenezer gets potions that keep him young and beautiful, as well as other presents.
But the beast grows ever greedier with each meal, and one day he announces that he’d like to eat a nice, juicy child next. Ebenezer has never done anything quite this terrible to hold onto his wonderful life. Still, he finds the absolutely snottiest, naughtiest, and most frankly unpleasant child he can and prepares to feed her to the beast.
The child, Bethany, may just be more than Ebenezer bargained for. She’s certainly a really rather rude houseguest, but Ebenezer still finds himself wishing she didn’t have to be gobbled up after all. Could it be Bethany is less meal-worthy and more…friend-worthy?


13th Street: Battle of the bad-breath bats

Battle of the bad-breath bats by David Bowles

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Cousins Dante, Malia, and Ivan are happy to be back in their home town. But then their school bus takes a wrong turn and they end up on 13th Street! There are new monsters to fight, but at least they have their friend Susana and their bus driver to help them. Will the gang ever make it to their first day of class?


Bloom - the surprising seeds of Sorrel Fallowfield

Bloom : the surprising seeds of Sorrel Fallowfield by Nicol Skinner

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Sorrel Fallowfield is good. So good, in fact, that her teachers come to her when they need help remembering the school rules. And there are lots. But when Sorrel discovers a faded packet of 'Surprising Seeds' her world begins to flourish in all sorts of strange, terrifying - and ultimately marvellous - ways...