Enjoy the meditation in the library collection on SoundCloud

Take some time out for yourself and enjoy this collection of FREE audio recordings of the Mid-Winter Wellness Meditation in the Library series on SoundCloud! 

The benefits of meditation are becoming widely known, both physical and psychological, from reduced blood pressure and cortisol production to an increase in neuroplasticity and a boosted immune system - the perfect activity to calm and restore.

Each meditation has a thought-provoking theme, based on the poetry reading list below and  was recorded in the Frankton Library between July and August 2020.

So sit back, relax and embark on a guided journey with Clare from Queenstown Mediation in the comfort of your own home and walk away refreshed, renewed and inspired.

Meditations in the Library SoundCloud Collection

  1. Making Time (Poem: Leisure, by William Henry Davies) 
  2. Breaking Free (Poem: This be the Verse, by Philip Larkin) 
  3. Non-Attachment (Poem: If, by Rudyard Kipling)
  4. Awareness (Poem: Not Waving but Drowning, by Stevie Smith)
  5. Alignment (Poem: Bloody Men, by Wendy Cope)
  6. Now (Poem: The Way through the Woods, by Rudyard Kipling)

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Interested in further reading?

Check out the recommended reading list below of Poems suggested by Clare: