DVD reviews by The Guinea Fowl

In the hidden corners of the cozy Queenstown Library, a mysterious movie lover leaves DVD reviews of our enviable Queenstown DVD collection.  Known only by the image left on these slips of paper, the librarians have appropriately nicknamed this cinephile, "The Guinea Fowl".  Sharon, our DVD collections librarian, with impeccable cinematic taste and an proclivity towards hunting, has set traps to find this person.  Will we ever catch this person in the act?  What will they review next?  Only time will tell... 

But lo and behold, there is no need to envy, you too can borrow these DVDs... 

Lucky Grandma (2019)

A light hearted romp through Chinatown in the USA. Gangsters, gambling, luck both good and bad. Bit of a sad underlying story. Won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but quite a simple story. (Reviewed February 2021)

the pale horse dvd review

The Pale Horse (2020)

From start to finish it had you guessing. Were they really witches? Was it them? Not until the last 10 minutes did things come together. And even in the last minute the movie had you wondering. Excellent from start to finish. (Reviewed February 2021)


des dvd review

Des (2020)

It goes without saying that David Tennant was the man for the job. Brilliant. What was mind blowing about this movie was the man Dennis Nilson. His intelligence impresses you as his actions shock you. A must see. (Reviewed February 2021)