Dora - Digital Banking Workshops in Central Otago

The Central Otago Libraries are bringing Dora the Digital Banking bus to Alexandra, Clyde, Cromwell, Ranfurly, Omakau, Naseby, Oturehua, Roxburgh and Millers Flat from 12th – 23rd April.

Dora is an old Central Motorways bus from Alexandra that was decked out as a classroom 9 years ago and has since been travelling around the country offering free education courses to support communities. This is perfect timing for our communities as the banks are shortening their opening hours and with the removal of cheques as an option.

Dora is offering Free Digital Banking workshops where participants learn to

  • Understand online banking
  • Recognise online scams
  • Protect themselves online
  • Use a test online banking tool
  • How to contact their bank to get started.

It is a fantastic opportunity to support those in our community who are uncomfortable, have concerns or just would like to be aware of digital banking and how to keep themselves safe.

Click Here  to view the timetable and sign up