Cyclorama and Libraries

Libraries take up as many opportunities as they can to get out and talk to our communities. We know it is important that our libraries reflect and has offerings for all our unique communities, and there is no better way to connect than to get out and chat with them!


Cyclorama Festival was a great way to reach our cycling community members, plus, a fantastic way to show off the library's e-Bikes and Book Trailers. Yes, that is how we made libraries' presence fit into an e-Bike festival! And boy was it worth it.


Conversations were had, sign-ups and membership cards were handed out, and eBook and eAudio book sign-ups were completed. It is true for some that nothing goes better with an eBike than an eAudiobook!

Look out for our Community Engagement team out and about on the eBikes and make sure you wave them down for a chat and a book checkout!


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