Children & Young Adult Staff Picks - May 2023

Welcome to our Children's Librarian Picks, where our passionate children's librarians handpick the most delightful, heartwarming, and engaging books for young readers. From picture books to middle-grade novels, our expert recommendations are sure to ignite the love of reading in children of all ages. Happy reading, little bookworms!

Children's Young Fiction

Dragon Girls (Series) by Maddy Mara

Azmina, Willa, and Naomi are thrilled to learn they're Glitter Dragon Girls. Summoned to the Magic Forest by its magnificent ruler, the Tree Queen, the girls quickly find out their dragon-selves have unbelievable abilities. They can soar above the treetops, breathe glitter-y bursts of fire, and roar loud enough to shake the ground. With this newfound magic comes a big responsibility, however. As Dragon Girls, they are sworn protectors of the forest and must help keep it safe from the troublesome Shadow Sprites, who are determined to take the forest's magic for their own.

Pea, Bea, & Jay (Series) by Brian Smith

Dive into the adventures of three unlikely friends in this hilarious series about a Pea, a Bee, and a bird named Jay! Set out in an easy read graphic novel format, this is a perfect for Narwhal and Jelly fans and those ready to start exploring short chapter books in the CYF section.

Smarty Pup (Series) by Anh Do

Lily's new pup JJ is kind of clumsy, but something about his smiley face makes her really happy inside. So you can imagine Lily's surprise when she wakes up to discover that JJ can talk and is super smart. In fact, he might have the smartest brain in the whole wide world!” Anh Do doesn’t disappoint with this laugh out loud new series which will be loved by young readers. 

Little Ash (Series) by Ashleigh Barty

World famous tennis player Ash Barty has teamed up with some friends to these great early chapter books are all about school, sport, friendship and family. With lots of pictures and some good life lessons these books are a lot of fun!

Graphic novels

5 Worlds (Series) by Mark Siegel

The Five Worlds are on the brink of extinction unless five ancient and mysterious beacons are lit. When war erupts, three unlikely heroes will discover there's more to themselves - and more to their worlds - than meets the eye... The clumsiest student at the Sand Dancer Academy, Oona Lee is a fighter with a destiny bigger than she could ever imagine. A boy from the poorest slums, An Tzu has a surprising gift and a knack for getting out of sticky situations. Star athlete Jax Amboy is beloved by an entire galaxy, but what good is that when he has no real friends? When these three kids are forced to team up on an epic quest, it will take not one, not two, but 5 Worlds to contain all the magic and adventure!

Children's Fiction

Kensy and Max (Series) by Jacqueline Harvey

Beloved author Jacqueline Harvey is back with this exciting new adventure filled mystery about twin detectives.

“Twins Kensy and Max Grey’s lives are turned upside down when they are whisked off to London, and discover their parents are missing. As the situation unfolds, so many things don’t add up: their strange new school, the bizarre grannies on their street, the coded messages they keep finding and the feeling that, all around them, adults are keeping secrets. Things can never go back to the way they were, but the twins are determined to uncover the truth."

Moonlight Riders (Series) by Linda Chapman

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure under the moonlit sky! The Moonlight Riders series by Linda Chapman is a spellbinding tale of courage, friendship, and the bond between humans and horses. Follow the thrilling journey of Aria, a young girl who discovers a secret world of magic horses that come alive at night. As she forms an unbreakable bond with her own moonlit horse, she embarks on thrilling adventures, races against time, and uncovers the truth about her family's legacy. With breathtaking descriptions, heartwarming relationships, and exhilarating horseback rides, the Moonlight Riders series will sweep readers off their feet and take them on a magical ride they'll never forget. Join Aria and her magnificent moonlit horse on an unforgettable quest and experience the magic of the Moonlight Riders!

Skandar (Series) by A. F. Steadman

Welcome to the enchanting world of Skandar! This captivating series follows the thrilling adventures of Skandar, a young apprentice wizard, as he unravels the mysteries of magic in a realm of wonders and dangers. With a unique blend of fantasy, mystery, and friendship, Skandar and his companions embark on perilous quests, encounter mythical creatures, and unlock ancient secrets to save their world from dark forces. Filled with rich world-building, vivid imagery, and unforgettable characters, the Skandar series will transport readers to a realm where magic is real and anything is possible. Join Skandar on his magical journey and get ready for an epic tale that will leave you spellbound! 

Children's Non Fiction

Little People Big Dreams (Series) by Vegara Sanchez

These lovely books each tell the story of a wonderful person who has made their mark on history. From conservationists to women’s rights pioneers, actors and musicians to politicians the well written books combine easy to follow biographies with beautiful illustrations to teach readers all about the inspiring people who have helped shaped the world we live in. 

Young Adult Fiction

Robin Hood (Series) by Robert Muchamore

This is an adventure packed modern adaptation of the Robin Hood story. Perfect for fans of the Cherub series and Alex Rider.

Simon Snow (Series) by Rainbow Rowell

This is wonderful YA fantasy that is a spinoff of Rowell’s Fangirl (which features ‘Simon Snow’ as a book series the main character Cath is a big fan of), however you don’t need to read Fangirl to read and enjoy Carry On. The book follows Simon, our jaded ‘chosen-one’ who is in his final year of school at Watford School of Magicks. Simon just wants to get through the year, but with an evil nemesis wreaking havoc, and his arch enemy/vampire room-mate Baz also mysteriously missing, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be smooth sailing!  

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Series) by Rick Riordan

Join Percy Jackson on an epic adventure like no other! The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan is a thrilling and captivating saga that follows the story of a twelve-year-old demigod who discovers he's the son of Poseidon and is thrust into a world of ancient Greek mythology. With humor, heart, and heart-pounding action, Percy and his friends navigate through dangerous quests, battle formidable monsters, and uncover a destiny that could change the fate of the gods and mankind. Packed with mythology, magic, and unforgettable characters, this beloved series will transport readers to a world where the modern and mythical collide in a spellbinding way. Embark on this exhilarating journey with Percy and get ready for a page-turning adventure that will leave you begging for more!