Book Reviews by Kids!

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Friday Barnes: Danger Ahead by R.J Spratt

Friday Barnes: Danger Ahead was the best book I've read so far. As usual it was witty and funny, an absolute joy to read. Telling the story of a very unconvincing and utterly strict summer camp. Though in fact it was more of a boot camp. Many fascinating cases once again got solved. The structure and how the story was built up was very clever. R.J Spratt pulled off an amazing book and she built in the clues so subtlety but still noticeable. A truly wonderful addition to the series.

by Merryn F., aged 9, Wānaka


Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson really outdid herself with her book Best Friends. Almost everyone has a best friend, right?? Well what if that person was taken away from you? It's a truly, brilliantly, dramatically tragic story. Two girls that have known each other their whole lives. One, quiet and sensible. The other, messy and competitive. Even though they are different I have never heard of two best friends so inseparable. A great read.

by Merryn F., aged 9, Wānaka