Calling All Composting Novices!

This month, Central Otago District Council is holding free Bokashi composting workshops to help reduce the amount of organic waste (food waste and green waste) going into our landfill. 

When organic waste is buried with other rubbish in the landfill, it breaks down and releases methane and we lose all the valuable nutrients!

Currently, over 30% of the waste going to Victoria Flats landfill is organic waste.

Bokashi is a very simple method from Japan that ‘pickles’ your food waste to produce nutrient-rich organic matter, which can then be used in garden or composting systems.


Learn how you can make your own Bokashi system by registering today!


Alexandra Library, Saturday 15 February, 11 am - midday, phone  (03) 448 9412

Maniototo Library, Thursday 20 February, 11.30 am - 12.30 pm, phone  (03) 444 9348

Cromwell Library, Saturday 22 February, 11 am - midday, phone  (03) 445 0213

Roxburgh Library, Saturday 29 February, 11 am - midday, phone  (03) 446 8105