Top Staff Picks - August 2021

Non-Fiction Picks

White Moko by Tim Tipene

With a Māori name, blue eyes and white skin, Tim never fitted in. Despite having a good relationship with his stepfather’s whānau, Tim’s childhood was full of controversy. His path towards a live of violence only changed when he found his passion for the martial arts, and brought him to Beijing.

Eat your Heart Out – Peta Mathias

In this book, prolific New Zealand chef and author, Peta Mathias, is serving up some love. Her gastronomic interest has taken her around the world, where she found herself collecting love stories. Written with a lot of charm and wit, the stories come with romantic recipes and alluring, aphrodisiac delicacies.

Fiction Picks

Shadow Sands by Robert Bryndza

Robert Bryndza delivers another bone-chilling thriller. In the deep waters of Shadow Sands reservoir, former detective Kate Marshall discovers a body. Within days a woman mysteriously disappears from the same area. Kate and assistant Tristan must work fast to avoid more bloodshed and haphazard arrests by incompetent DCI Henry Ko.

The 24-Hour Café by Libby Page

A wonderful book of relationships, life’s challenges and general ‘humanness’. Stella’s 24-hour café opens its doors for the lonely, the lost, the lovers, the early risers and the insomniacs. For years, Hannah and Moana have waitressed there, shared a London flat, and shared a dream of a live on stage.

Childrens' Picks

How do I feel? : a dictionary of emotions for children by Rebekah Lipp

Feel all the feels! A wonderful book designed to help children express their emotions. Learning to recognise the emotion they are feeling and being able to label their emotions accurately will set them up for a life of emotional literacy.

Ten Tremendous Tales by Liz Pichon

The 18th(!) book in this series of tall tales featuring Tom Gates, his family, friends and foes. Full of laughs and LOLs, another entertaining installment for the young and young at heart.