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Adult Non-Fiction


The Quick and The Dead

The Quick and the Dead : True Stories of Life and Death from a New Zealand Pathologist by Cynric Temple-Camp

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A dead body without a trace of trauma; alien parasites; worms of the brain; crocodile attacks; bizarre eating disorders and surgical puzzles. Pathologist, former medical officer and self-confessed death-aficionado Cynric Temple-Camp's compelling stories will leave you with a new lease on life, as he seeks answers to the questions posed by disease and death. 
Shelved: 616.07 TEMP



Automania: Iconic New Zealand Collections by Don Jessen

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Visit the most incredible motor vehicle collections from across New Zealand, rarely ever showcased for the public before. From vintage cars to motorbikes, military vehicles to famous movie cars - the owners of these collections take us inside their garages to celebrate the vehicles that have captured their imaginations. These vehicles have intriguing histories, with some guaranteed to bring back fond memories of bygone eras, and others we could only dream of owning. Many have been painstakingly restored by the owner, or totally built from scratch. 
Shelved: 629.222 JES


Tamatea Dusky

Tamatea Dusky by Peta Carey

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The remarkable story of conservation and history in Fiordland’s Tamatea/Dusky Sound, by Peta Carey. With a fascinating history, both Maori and European, it is the place where Captain Cook arrived in 1773. It is also where nature conservation began in New Zealand over 120 years ago, and where ground-breaking work in predator control and species conservation has taken place over the last 50 years.
Shelved: 993.96 CAR


Wild Kitchen

Wild Kitchen: Nature-Loving Chefs at Home by Claire Bingham

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With environmental concerns at an all-time high, many of us are looking to promote sustainability in everyday ways, especially at home. It is more important than ever that our kitchen and dining spaces allow us to live in harmony with nature. This glimpse into the home kitchens and dining areas of twenty of the world's top chefs, food bloggers, and restauranteurs reveals inspiring ways that the food-obsessed are embracing the wild at home in their everyday cooking and dining. From a chef who experiments with herbs in a city apartment to a blogger who forages with her family in a local forest, each personality's featured kitchen story offers a behind-the-scenes view of their unique cooking philosophy along with their insider tips for creating a unique kitchen space.
Shelved: 641.50922 BIN


Merchant Miner Mandarin

Merchant, Miner, Mandarin: The Life and Times of the Remarkable Choie Sew Hoy by Jenny Sew Hoy Agnew

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In 1869, a businessman from China's Guangdong Province first set foot on New Zealand soil at Port Chalmers. It was the beginning of an illustrious career that would change the shape of commerce and industry in Otago and Southland. 'Merchant, Miner, Mandarin' depicts the fascinating life of Choie Sew Hoy - from his early days in China before emigrating to Australia and then New Zealand, to his death in 1901 as one of Dunedin's most prominent entrepreneurs. The store Choie Sew Hoy established in Dunedin's Stafford Street was a huge success, while his revolutionary gold-dredging technology improved the fortunes of the gold-mining industry in Otago and Southland. He backed dredging, quartz crushing and hydraulic sluicing ventures in the goldfields of Ophir, Macetown, Skippers, Nokomai and the Shotover. Sharp as a razor, Sew Hoy was a visionary, able to spot opportunities no one else could, whether sending vast amounts of unwanted scrap metal from New Zealand back to China, or joining famous Taranaki businessman Chew Chong's fungus export trade. Sew Hoy was also a local character, always elegantly dressed and with legendary success in horse racing. His self-assurance and charm gained him entry to the Chamber of Commerce, the Jockey Club, the Masons and even the Caledonian Society. A benefactor to many social causes, he supported hospitals and benevolent associations to help his fellow Chinese immigrants. When the success of the Chinese in New Zealand aroused hostility, he fought the prevalent racism and unfair government legislation of the day. A man of two worlds, Choie Sew Hoy was a success in both.
Shelved: 305.89517 AGN


The Expendables

The Expendables : How the Middle Class got Screwed by Globalisation by Jeff Rubin

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A provocative, far-reaching account of how the middle class got stuck with the bill for globalisation, and how the blowback - from Brexit to Trump to populist Europe - will change the developed world.
Shelved: 305.55 RUB


Joyful Mending

Joyful Mending : Visible Repairs for the Perfectly Imperfect Things We Love by Noriko Misumi

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Examples of using decorative mending techniques to extend the life of clothes and other fabric goods.
Shelved: 646.6 MIS