Introducing Reading to Dogs at Alexandra Library

The team at Alexandra Library is excited to be bringing the "Reading to Dogs" programme to you!

Our canine volunteers, Petal and Bailey, have visited to get a feel for the place and have given a paws up to joining readers on Wednesdays between 3.15 and 4.30 pm, starting on June 19. They enjoy all kinds of books (even if they are about cats!) and would love to meet you! 

They will be taking turn about, with Petal lending a willing ear one week, and Bailey the next. 

Reading to Dogs is a wonderful way to enjoy reading, improve literacy and build self confidence in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Contact Alexandra Library for information and bookings on (03) 448 9412 or email

We'd like to give special thanks for Outreach Therapy Pets, care of St John and SPCA for this programme.