Adult Reading Challenge 2022 - Challenge descriptions & suggested reading

Here's some guidance on what each activity in the Adult Reading Challenge entails. We've also popped down some suggested books and authors for the individual challenges.

Please note: you must read a different book per challenge and listening to a book counts as "reading".

Book About Survival

Choose a book where survival is the key theme. This could be a book where someone has survived a period of depression, escaped from a traumatic environment or war stories.  Books about how to survive particular-events or situations can also be included in this challenge category.



Young Adult Novel

A fictional story written for young adults, 14 - 18yrs.

Explore these authors:

Armchair Travel

Read fiction or non-fiction stories of living or travelling to other cities or countries from the comfort of your armchair.



Translated Novel

Read a book that has been translated from its original language into English.


New Zealand Author

Read a book that has been written by a New Zealand author, fiction or non-fiction.



Book Published in 2022

Choose a book that has been published or released in 2022.



Recommended Read

Choose a book based on a recommendation from a friend, librarian or review.  Fiction or non-fiction.

Librarian Recommended:

Graphic Novel

Graphic novel refers to the format in which a story is presented, using sequential art to tell a story.  Our libraries have graphic novel collections for children, young adults and adults.

Award Winner

Choose a book that has won a literary award, people’s choice award or similar. 



Book Set in the future

This challenge category can also be described as speculative fiction due to elements that might not exist- in-reality, known history or nature. Books set in the future are most commonly found in the science fiction section.

Guilty Pleasure

What is your go-to genre? Do you love to cosy up with a good detective story or maybe a romance is your guilty pleasure.

Genres to try:

Teach Me Something

Choose a book that will teach you how to do something or help you learn a new life skill. You might wish to read a biography to learn about someone’s life.