Account Help

My Account

The ‘My Account’ box on our website homepage allows you to log in to our catalogue system in order to:

  • Access your account and view a list of items you have issued to your library card.
  • Renew items that are already issued to you.
  • Place a hold on any item and view items you currently have on hold

Your User ID is your library card number which can be found on the back of your library card. Please enter this five digit number in full, including the ‘M’ at the beginning. For example, M12345.

Your PIN number is initially set to be the same as your User ID. Once you have successfully logged in for the first time we recommend you change this from the My Account menu, under User Pin change.

If you’ve forgotten your User Id or your PIN doesn't work contact us (link to contact page) and we will reset it for you.

Catalogue help

What are some key features?
How do I search the catalogue?
How can I see what items I have out?
How do I renew an item?
How do I place a hold?
How do I create a book list?
Supported browsers

Key Features

  • The ability to carry out searches using the keyword, browsing or call number options
  • Searches can be limited to only search for DVDs, audiobooks, large print etc.
  • Details about an item usually include an image of the book jacket, a summary, reviews, author biography, and content listing.
  • The ability to search across various indexes using the keyword words/phrases option
  • During a searching session your previous keyword searches are saved so you can quickly go back to them if necessary
  • Also during a searching session you can keep a temporary list of items of interest by clicking on the 'Keep' button next to a title. To access the list click on 'Kept' on the toolbar. This list can also be emailed or printed out
  • If you are not finding what you are wanting within our catalogue you can click on the "continue search in Google" link to be taken directly to safe search results for your search
  • From an item record you can go directly to more books by the author or about the topic by clicking on the "Find more" links
  • You can also display a list of nearby items on shelf
  • Maintain a "My favourites" listing
  • Create permanent booklists
  • You can also set up automatic email notifications to receive alerts about new items added to the collection in areas of interest


You can search the catalogue without being logged in, although we advise you to login first so that you are not asked again for these details later when trying to place holds.

  • In the search box enter any keywords for search.
  • You can refine your search by using the drop down box to the right of the search field.  Click the Go button or hit Enter. Any results will appear in a new screen.

View Checked Out Items

To see what items you have on loan you must first be logged in.

  • From My Account you can see what items you have checked out through 'Review my account'.
  • This gives you information on any overdue issues you may have and options to extend (renew) your items if possible.

Renew Items

From My Account select the 'Renew my materials' option.

  • There is a tick box beside each title to allow you to renew it.
  • You can either choose individual items to renew or check the 'Renew all' option to extend everything you have checked-out.
  • You will only be able to renew each item once.

Placing Items on Hold

In the Quick search box, enter keywords from the author or the title that you want to find.

  • Select the 'Place hold’ button to the left of your item. The item will appear in a new screen.
  • Select a 'Pickup' branch from the drop down box so we can send the book to the library of your choosing.
  • If you do not require the item immediately, you can use the 'Suspension start date' option to let us know when you would like the hold to take effect (useful if you are planning to go on holiday).
  • Click the place hold button again to confirm your reservation. A new screen will display this confirmation for you.

Creating Permanent Lists

You can create lists of saved item records by using the Permanent Lists option. These lists of saved records are called permanent lists because they are retained between e-Library sessions until you choose to remove them.

  • Click Permanent Lists.
  • In the New List box, type the name you want to assign to the new list, and click Add List.
  • Begin a search to find titles to add to the permanent list.

Note: If you have not yet created a permanent list, the "Create a list before attempting to save an item" message displays when you try to save an item. You must create at least one permanent list and then save items to it.

  • Click +My List for the items to include in your list. Marked items can be unmarked by clicking -My List.
  • When you are finished including items, click Permanent Lists to view your list/s.
  • You can remove some of the items in your list by selecting the check box by the titles to be removed and clicking Remove Checked Titles. To clear the list, click Remove All Titles.
  • In the Sort By box, choose to sort the list by author, title, or call number.
  • In the Library box, choose to filter the list by library.
  • Choose the All, Brief, or Full View of Records to specify the level of detail to display for each record in the list.
  •  From the permanent list page, you can choose to view the list online, print the list, or e-mail the list to an address you specify.

Browser Compatibility

The official client care website has this to say about browsers - "Sirsidynix support the following browsers for use with e-library: IE 6, IE7, firefox 2 and 3, safari on Mac." It doesn't currently support Opera and Google Chrome.